Garlic Morado

- Ajo Morado - suave y aromático - Como todas nuestras frutas, no se tratan y se cosechan poco antes del envío.

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- Ajo Morado
- mild and aromatic
- Like all of our fruits, untreated and only harvested shortly before shipping


Stored dry and cool, e.g. in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator or in a cool room (approx. 6-7 degrees), the fruits keep well.

Important: remove the fruit from the box immediately after receiving the delivery.

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The "Ajo Morado" is a special variety of garlic grown in Spain. This garlic is characterized by its purple or crimson skin and is valued for its mild yet spicy flavor.

Item description for Ajo Morado:

Appearance and features:

The Ajo Morado has a characteristic purple or crimson skin that distinguishes it from other types of garlic.
The garlic cloves are usually slightly smaller than other varieties and have a milder taste that is still spicy and aromatic.
Taste and Use:

Ajo Morado is known for its delicate yet intense garlic flavor, which is less spicy than some other varieties. It has a subtle sweet note.
It is used in Spanish cuisine for a variety of dishes, from traditional stews and tapas to marinades, sauces and other culinary creations.
Cultivation and origin:

Ajo Morado is mainly grown in the Castilla-La Mancha region of Spain, where the climate and soil conditions are favorable for growing this particular variety of garlic.
Storage and availability:

The Ajo Morado is usually available all year round in Spain. It can be stored in a dry, cool place to preserve its freshness and flavors.
Health Benefits:

Garlic, including ajo morado, is often valued for its potential health benefits, including its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Ajo Morado is a special variety of garlic popular in Spanish cuisine, valued for its unique appearance and milder, yet spicy flavor. It is an important component of many traditional Spanish dishes and gives them a characteristic aroma.