- fresh kumquat from Portugal - small and refreshing - Like all of our fruits, untreated and only harvested shortly before shipping

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- fresh mandarins from Villablanca
- particularly easy to peel, sweet and juicy
- Like all of our fruits, untreated and only harvested shortly before shipping


Stored dry and cool, e.g. in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator or in a cool room (approx. 6-7 degrees), the fruits keep well.

Important: remove the fruit from the box immediately after receiving the delivery.

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Fruity-fresh kumquats

Our kumquats are a delicious and unique citrus fruit known for their small, oval shapes and sweet and sour taste. These miniature citrus fruits are perfectly balanced and offer a refreshing taste experience.


Small and delicate: Our kumquats are petite in size and have a smooth, edible skin. Compared to other citrus fruits, the peel of kumquats can be sweeter than the flesh.
Intense taste: The taste of kumquats ranges from sweet to sour, with the peel offering a pleasant sweetness and the pulp can have a refreshing acidity.

Snacking and Decorating: The kumquats can be enjoyed as a snack by eating them whole (including the peel), or they can be used as decorative elements in food and drinks.
Culinary use: Ideal for baking, jams, jams, chutneys or as a flavor enhancer in salads, sauces and meat dishes.
Origin and quality:

Carefully selected: Our kumquats come from first-class growing areas where they mature under ideal climatic conditions and sustainable farming methods.
Quality Guarantee: We select only the best fruits to ensure you receive fresh, flavorful and high quality kumquats every time.
Nutrition and enjoyment:

Healthy freshness: Kumquats are rich in fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants, which can contribute to a balanced diet.
Unique taste experiences: Enjoy the versatile flavors of kumquats in various preparations and let yourself be inspired by their refreshing nature.