April box

- a new benefit package every month - Like all of our fruits, untreated and only harvested shortly before shipping

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- a new benefit package every month
- Like all of our fruits, untreated and only harvested shortly before shipping


Stored dry and cool, e.g. in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator or in a cool room (approx. 6-7 degrees), the fruits keep well.

Important: remove the fruit from the box immediately after receiving the delivery.

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DSG ZENcorporation SL
Avenida Vila Real de San Antonio 1
21400 Ayamonte

Our fresh fruit variety package is a celebration of flavors that combines the most delicious and juicy fruits from carefully selected growing regions. A pure embodiment of natural freshness, this selection of fruits brings the diversity of nature into your home.

Contents of the package:

Seasonal variety: Enjoy a varied selection of seasonal fruits, freshly picked from the trees and bushes depending on availability. From crisp apples and juicy oranges to ripe bananas and sweet berries, our package offers a diverse range of fruits.

Fresh Guarantee: Our package contains only the freshest fruits, selected and packaged with care to preserve their quality and taste.
Natural Ripeness: Each fruit has been harvested at optimal ripeness to give you the full flavor and nutrients of nature.
Origin and quality:

Selected growing areas: The fruits contained come from renowned growing areas where the natural conditions and the farmers' expertise ensure the highest quality.
Certified Origin: We source our fruits from certified farmers and farms to offer you freshness and quality with traceability to the source.
Health Benefits:

Packed with nutrients: Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, these fresh fruits are a natural source of health-promoting nutrients.
Natural well-being: Enjoy the fresh taste of nature and promote your health with a balanced diet by eating these diverse fruits.
Our fresh fruit variety package invites you on a journey through the colorful world of nature and offers you a feast for the senses. Experience the freshness, flavor and nutrients contained in every piece of these hand-picked fruits.